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Our Pilot Projects

On this page you will find a comprehensive list of our current and past pilot projects.

About the Pilot Projects

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Tracking Pilot Progress Through Stage Gates

Stage 1: Presentation and Recommendation


a) stated challenge is compelling/engaging

b) pilot plan is well conceived and communicated

c) investment of time and staff deemed reasonable

Prescience Labs Activity:

a) Empathy Journey

Stage 2: Research and Evaluation


a) scope of research is considered to be adequate and appropriate

b) reframed challenge statement reflects the body of research

c) research has demonstrated that a demand for the pilot exists

Prescience Labs Activity:

a) Ideation, Sorting and Proposed Solution

Stage 3: Testing and Valuation


a) majority of testing participants indicate that the prototype brings benefit

b) design of the prototype was iteratively done to respond to end user input

c) pilot demonstrates that return on investment is reasonable

Prescience Labs Activity:

a) Prototyping and Testing

Stage 4: Learning and Deployment


a) If pilot was a failure, then learnings were documented

b) If pilot is successful, then immediate deployment and/or initiate another pilot to broaden the scope of deployment

Values Guiding our pilot project teams


Individuals and interactions are the foundation for successful learnings – prioritizing communication and interpersonal relationships over strict processes will provide motivation to team members to continue, even when things are tough. Prescience Labs encourages a more personalized approach to project management, where teams constantly communicate, and support one another.


Recording Progress

Short summaries over comprehensive reporting – pilot project team members are encouraged to reflect and record their observations, experiences and insights immediately. Scheduling time between interviews, interactions and inputs is essential for the learnings to be made available for the whole team, as well as the stakeholders. 


Responsive to input, flexible to pivot is the value that characterizes Prescience Labs pilot project management above all else. This agile approach to how pilot project teams respond to change when learnings determine a new way forward ensures that all will thrive in adapting to new environments and challenges.


Continuous stakeholder collaboration includes regularly updating and liaising with relevant stakeholders to get their input on how the project is progressing. This is a value that applies to both the pilot project team as well as the Prescience Labs core staff.

1. Literacy/ LIfT

2. Multi-Lingualism

3. Scripture Impact

4. Psalms Layer-by-Layer

5. Consultant Attrition

Digital Financial Transfers

Partner Development

Pilot Reports