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A Wycliffe Canada Initiative

Prescience labs

Leveraging creativity and imagination to catalyze change.

Prescience Labs is a collaborative innovation hub for Bible translation organizations to discover and test new methodologies from the emerging future so they can better anticipate investment and impact.

Field-Based Innovation

  • Addressing bottlenecks in the global Bible translation movement
  • Accelerating and improving results on the field
  • Using a diverse range of domains, including technology, methodology, research, and missiology

Organizational Innovation

  • Developing future-focused solutions to back-end services and operational structures that assure the sustainability of Wycliffe organizations
  • Designing solutions that benefit multiple departments

Core Values

Dependence on God

Daily reaffirming our dependence on God, we discern how God is moving and empowering our ministry as the Christian community prays.


Using the resources God provides, we relentlessly tackle challenges and seize opportunities with faith, creativity, and grit. Our strength is in what we learn when we fail.


We are stronger together. We deliver more successful results through shared resources, staff and mutual goals.


We provide complete visibility into the successes and failures of our exploration as we learn and grow. It is baked into our culture as we collaborate across organizations.

Scientific Mindset

We move deliberately and quickly, using insights and data to guide our decisions and testing to achieve breakthroughs. We tackle challenges without delay.
Test. Learn. Repeat.

Why Prescience Labs?

High degree of collaboration within Bible translations resources organizations

Disciplined environment for quality research, exploration, and experimentation

Future forecasting to identify trends to strengthen and empower the Bible translation movement

High impact within the current Bible innovation ecosystem through evaluation and asessment services

“Prescience Labs is a…unit with a significant degree of autonomy and a unique culture, pace, and structural agility whose role is to explore and develop disruptive ideas, run disciplined experiments and deploy successful ventures.”

Roy Eyre | President, Wycliffe Canada

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